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OUR SMILE CLUB is a grassroots movement created by one woman, Madaline Weber, who had a thought to doodle, created a design and had another thought to share it with the world. So, she made copies of her famous SMILE cards, and with random acts of kindness she invited individuals to join OUR SMILE CLUB. The only rule of our team is to SMILE at others in order to assist in...



As of this day, over 7000 copies have been circulated and live in windows, on dressers, in cars, on refrigerators and offices all around the world. The responses to these cards, these acts of bravery and kindness have spread. In Cottonwood, Arizona, these cards live in most business windows and Madaline is famous in her home town as the SMILE LADY and the GREAT HUGGER.

Her commitment to contribution spread as she and her soul sister Melanie decided to turn the SMILE logo into another way to help save the world. They created a line of natural, organic muslin vegetable bags and shopping bags. This contributes to the reduction of the over 500 billion pounds of plastic that pollute our earth each year.

Happy Smiles
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