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Hi, I'm Madaline Weber. I'm the founder of Our Smile Club. One day, I heard a thought in my head say to get my colored pencils out. So, I did, and I doodled. When it was done, I had this smile logo.  I showed it to my partner Melanie and we smiled. She said, "it needs to have a name." I wrote Smile. That night when I got into bed, I heard another thought say, "you need to make copies of these and share them with the world." I thought, I could do that. The next day, I went to make copies and I started handing them to people. I invited people by asking them if they would like to join Our Smile Club.
People would ask, what is this all about? Do I need to do anything? Go anywhere? Join something or give money? I said "NO." All you need to do to join, is to join us in smiling at others so that we can HEAL OUR WORLD ONE SMILE AT A TIME! It caught on from there.
Starting around April of 2014, I have shared over 7000 cards with people all around the world. After a while, I decided to add hand written blessings and quotes on the back, and then an offer for a free Hug. Some people get afraid when you hand them things. Most of us are used to people trying to "get something" so they're generally not used to someone trying to "give something." It really wakes up the heart when they realize what I'm asking for. 
I believe that we all have a value to be of service, to be important and to join in something meaningful. I get to experience the best of human hearts. When we meet on the common ground of our humanity and the desire to share true kindness and love, people's hearts smile. 
I have an interesting story to tell.
My deceased partner Ian Xel Lungold was working on a presentation about the Mayan Calendar that he was going to present to a large number of people. I was in the kitchen squeezing lemons. I had this thought, "Ian is in the other room saving the world and I am in here squeezing lemons." That thought left me feeling small and insignificant. Then another thought came. It was that no action is greater than another. At that moment, I decided that no small deed was too small and may even alter the world.
IInviting people to join OUR SMILE CLUB and spreading smiles, cutting lemons and saving the world are all valuable and important acts of service.
That reminds me of a story about a little boy on the beach at low tide in a sea of starfish that had washed up on the shore. One by one he was picking them up and throwing them back in the ocean. A man walked up to him and asked the boy what he was doing. He said, "saving the starfish." The gentleman said, "there are thousands of starfish here on the sand, how do you think you can make a difference?" The little boy picked up another starfish and before he tossed it back in the ocean he said, "it makes a difference to this one."
Once again, a small act can change a person's whole world.
With the proceeds from OUR SMILE CLUB sales, we intend to create EVER EVER LAND, where dreams are realized.
It is a special place for youth to come gain skills, practice and expertise in numerous areas to live productive lives of 
contribution and self esteem.
For a super fun way to laugh, watch this amazingly simple video of a man making a difference.

MadalineWeber- founder of Our Smile Club

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