Ray Sutton

NOW Bakery Gluten Free Chef- Master Woodworker

Ray Sutton is a Ray of all trades. He can make a beautiful batch of delicious gluten free cookies and carve the bench you sit on while you eat them. His craft is of the highest quality in all areas... Reach out and touch him for a sweet tooth or for a piece of wood you could sit on. NOW bakery stands for Nourishing Our World. As a third generation baker, Ray's motto continues his legacy, Everything Prepared With Love. 

Jo-e Sutton

Certified Holistic Health Counselor

Jo-e supports whole life health by helping to create a relative balance between nutrition, career, relationships, friendships, exercise and a relationship with nature or spirit. She teaches ninja self care skills in all these areas, I cannot recommend her enough.

Cheri Lynn

Entrepeneur- Thermography diagnostic owner- Independent Isogenics Distributor

Cheri is a Cheri of all trades. She has boundless energy and a huge heart filled with the desire to make a difference and contribute wellness and beauty to the world. She is passionate about wellness and so she is an independent distributor for a fabulous line of high quality supplements to support body function and help to combat the insults of our modern day lives. She owns and operates a thermography company where she can assist in safe diagnostics. You've gotta meet this lady.  

Gary Hunsicker

Feng Shui master- Qi Gong master- SEO master- Computer genius- Master Gardener

I only have referrals that seem to be loaded with talents. Gary is as soft and smooth as the wind as he gently teaches Qi Gong and practices his walk. He is a genius Feng Shui master and can alter the mood, relationship or finance of a person based on his vast knowledge and skills of the art of Feng Shui. Then, to balance out all that mystical spiritual connection, Gary can navigate the inner workings of a websites undergarments by applying expert SEO skills and metrics to optimize anyones profile. 

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