November 29, 2017

Melanie and were at the Hopi reservation​ at an event were there were about 250 people. One of the elders that was speaking asked if anyone had a story to tell, or good news they wanted to share. I found myself walking towards her with a 'SMILE' card in my hand. When I approached her​ ​​(with a smile on my face) I handed her a card,  saying, "this is all about Healing Our World One Smile at a Time. How would you feel about allowing me to speak. (being I'm a white
women speaking to the Hopi.)" 

She spoke into the microphone saying; "this women would like to share a few words with us, so please
I thanked them so much for allowing me to share my passion and showed them the card,  saying  that I'd shared (at that time 6500 + cards) and that this mission I'm on is all about Healing Our World One Smile at a Time. How I view our world is to recognize that there aren't any strangers 'out' there,  only family and friends I might not have met yet,  knowing there's no separation, we're on this beautiful planet we call  Mother Earth,​ ​ sharing from our heart​s​ to Her's."


I thanked them and handed the mic back. She  thanked me. When she spoke again,  she encouraged everyone to pay attention and to go over to someone they didn't think they knew and give each other hugs.

This was the most spectacular day, a day that will be etched


in my heart forever.

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