Angels Are Everywhere

December 3, 2017


8:40 am: Gary wanted to find somewhere to have a meal. We pulled into a small strip mall,  

 a lone coffee shop was open, I said, "lets see what they have." With SMILE cards in hand, we knew that eating donuts wasn't something either one of us was up for. I ordered a cup of Mocha, and gave the young women a SMILE card. I asked her if she was willing to assist us in Healing Our World One Smile at a Time? She showed me her beautiful Smile and said, "oh yes yes, thank you so much."


I had one card in my hand, I was holding it up to the side of my face. Three men were sitting at a table near the door, (they were closer to my age.) They watched me hold my Smile card  and we could feel that we were in agreement, that being in our hearts and sharing good feelings with everyone  we meet, is the way we will Heal Our World. I left the last card I had at that moment; The energy mounted, it was so magical.


There was  a swap meet going on. "Stop, lets see what they have!" While sharing a Smile with a young man who had a lot of stuff out on a table, he told me his life story. He shared that he's a hoarder, and loves to keep letters and cards. The best ones are from his grandmother. Holding the Smile card, he said, "this one will be with me forever."


10:50 am: We arrived at General Patten's Museum, on highway 10. There's  a cafe that's been there since 1933. I've stopped there many, many times. We were really hungry by then. When we walked in, the young women greeting us and said, "good morning, how are you?" "Fantastic, and you?" As I handed her a SMILE card, I said, "We're Healing Our World One Smile at a Time,  please join us!" She was SO pleased. I leaned the other cards on the salt and pepper shakers, so anyone who walked by could see it sitting there. People smiled. A few said hello. One man said, with great excitement in his voice, "you have a wonderful Christmas!"


Our server came over with a box for the rest of my meal,  she said, "The lady gave me $20.00 to pay for your meal, so all you owe is 96 cents. I looked up into her face and cried. We didn't get to see who this was, perhaps it was a gift from an angel. We are so blessed and so filled with gratitude.


It was close to noon, the sun was high as it was crossing the desert. There's  wonder in 'them there hills' I've crossed these parts on hwy 10 for the past 18 years. Each time I pass, there's more that is 'remembered.'  


Rest stop 6 miles ahead: Perfect timing,  we entered the space and it was spotless. A women was finishing washing the floor.  As I washed my hands, she was close by,  so I approched her with a Smile, saying, "Hi, Hi! Thank you so much for having this space be inviting and clean, it makes a huge difference."


For a few heart beats, she didn't say anything, I got the feeling no one had ever even noticed her.  "Thank you, that is so nice of you to say. You're so welcome. When I got back to the car, I grabbed a Smile card. "I'm going back to give her a Smile card." (I pointed where I was going, to Gary) When I approached her, I handed her the card and said, "We're Healing Our World One Smile at a Time." Our brown eyes locked onto one another, connecting from our 'soul' space. I said; "you are beautiful, remember who you are."   



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