Smile the Gift that Keeps on Giving.

December 3, 2017

I had the most extraordinary three weeks with my family, celebrating  'Giving Thanks Day,' my grandson Reece's birthday and my birthday. I took the midnight train (really it was 10 pm) to LA from Flagstaff AZ. . .   the most wonderful way to travel.


I love being with family. I stayed with daughter Jo-e; son Ray stayed with us for 4 days, and we got to have daughter-in-love Jodi, grandchildren Reece and Maia and Reece's girlfriend Cyprus. On Giving Thanks Day,  my wusband (father of our children) was with us. My heart filled as Ray and Jo-e had their mom and dad in one place. My heart, soul and entire being is filled to the brim.


I seem to have a pattern, this is about 'collecting' stuff. we exchange clothes, books,  small stuff. it does add up..   The thought  of hauling  all this 'stuff'' on a train was too much. Then thinking about renting a car,  that didn't feel good either. I've come to a point in my life where driving five hundred miles is a stretch, not comfortable. . . 


I spoke with Gary and told him that I had a fantasy about  him coming to pick me up, and we would have an adventure driving home . . . He said, "I can do that. . ." ( I love this man)


Fast forward,  30 Nov. Friday . . . 

I woke at  4:41 am, finished packing,  and gathered all that was coming with me in one place.  Gary was sleeping and I gently touched his face. He woke asking; "what time is it?" "A little  after 5," I said.

I made coffee,  we sat and talked while drinking our coffee. 


6:11 am: We pulled out of the drive way, ready for our adventure to take us wherever we're meant

to go, (Gary's  mom died a few months ago, she was two months short of her 97th birthday.) Millie, our beloved Millie. Gary said, "I want to go see 'mom, I need closure." We drove to Beaumont on hwy 10. This is where Gary's family is laid to rest. He got closure.


8:20 am: We needed to find a bathroom, Gary said, 'I know where there are clean rest rooms right here in Beaumont."Okay, so he pulls into a McDonald, (fyi  I only used their rest room, no non food for me thank you.) A young man was sitting on the ground by the door, when he saw us approach, he stood up and opened the door. I rushed in, being my bladder has a 'mind' of it's own.


When I came out, Gary was talking with this young man. I asked him if he was hungry, he said no,

he had just eaten. He showed me his shoes, they were falling apart. He said he was saving his money to buy a new pair. Gary and I gave him 11 dollars. When we got back to the car, I said, "I've got a smile card for you." The one that  says; "treasure your thoughts.


The young man was telling me how grateful he was, that life was about growing up, meeting someone you love, having children, watching them grow up, and having a wonderful life. When he got 'Our Smile Card' he ran over to the car, put the card next to his face and gave us the 

biggest toothless smile that melted my heart.



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