You Remember Me

December 21, 2017

Sitting at my Physical Therapists office,  listening to a conversation that was going on before I came into the room,  the women was called,  I noticed that the man that was waiting had his keys in his hand, what was hanging there amounst his keys was a Galactic Butterfly, (a Mayan simble) I said,  Hi,  he, in turn greeted me,  "I noticed you have a Galactic Butterfly on your key ring." he took it into his hand, said, "I had some silver,  took it to this guy in Rim Rock."  "Fred?"  his eyes open wide,  yeah.  "I remember you,  you gave me a SMILE card last year,  I remember." there was excitement in his voice.  he said,  I rented a room from a women who had your cards all over the place, just thinking about it has me smile.  "I still give out these cards,  over 7000 to date,"  he said,  I want one.  just as I handed him one, he got called in for his appointment.


I love connecting with people who had been gifted a SMILE card some time ago.  three and half years I've been sharing these.  is new, please share stories with me, I would love to hear how your life is,  where it had been, what has grown from the first time we met. 

there's so much magic.  so much to share. I look forward to hearing from you.

Giant hugs. 

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