He was so excited

January 11, 2018

There's a new store in Jerome Arizona. The other day we wondered in to check it out, since the sign didn't indicate what was on the other side of the door. It was a bar. It had small, beautiful, black leather chairs, small round tables and wonderful art work on the walls. There was one man sitting having a beer and the owner was chatting with him.

We received a warm greeting as we entered and the owner told us about his new place. It was lovely,  truly lovely.


He asked Melanie, Gary and I, if we wanted anything,  Gary ordered a beer.  

I extended an invitation to Our Smile Club to these men. The customer looked at the card, then he looked up at me and with excitement in his voice asked;  "are you the creator of these?" Yes I am.  "I've seen these all around Cottonwood,  I've asked people where these came from and  no one knew.  I'm so excited to meet you."  I felt butterflies in my belly, I was thrilled and giddy.

Life is good, all the time. This April will be four years since my first Smile was shared.   

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