When I'm no longer here

January 11, 2018

On the 23rd of July 2017, the thought of leaving the planet came at me full force. My new journal sat by my side waiting for something to be written.  Here it is:


It occurred to me that in this exquisite space and time that's brought me to the awareness of each moment, each and every breath, I am closer to the end of life as I know it, than ever...


There will be so much to miss, the sounds from the Cardinal singing outside my window, the loud clap of thunder, the gentle rain that turns into a monsoon. . . 


I will miss speaking and listening with Goddess of the Wind while She plays my favorite tunes through the trees.


I will miss climbing into bed with the sheets washed and dried by the sun.


... the first colors that appear as spring wakes to her most  glorious of seasons


... looking into the eyes of my children,  feeling their body close as we hold one another as if it were the last time


... the fig that made it's way into my mouth, straight away from the magical tree that presented it to me


All is felt inside this body. What experience will I have without it?


Time allows for me to have these human experiences. I honor and treasure them.

I will be completing my 75th year shortly. Within this life adventure it has become clear that I need to notice the diversity, take inventory and then proceed where my heart takes the lead.


My life is simple, I breathe in the Divine Love, that Source provides.

I'm peaceful and content. I allow all my desires to accompany me on my journey as I step into my light of Divine Love, for only Love enters the kingdom. It is the souls creation, where harmony sets the stage as the 'players' await their entrance.



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