Sitting in wonderment

January 19, 2018

The thrill of riding a roller coaster  has diminished. There was a time when I could feel my heart pounding in anticipation, feeling the seat under me, the sound of the iron wheels taking me to the top of the ride, reaching the pinnacle and for a nanosecond, it felt as though the car stopped, or it was a slow motion movement. 


On its way down I got to experience the thrill of the speed picking up momentum, hands thrown in the air and feeling the force pushing me back into the seat. By the time the ride was over, my heart would find its comfort once again.


This is a metaphor for my life. How many 'rides' have I been on?  How many have you been on? Endless. 


One of the best parts of the ride is having another with you, someone to hold hands with, to laugh and scream with, to tell the story over and over and reliving the adventure.


Who are we if we're not sharing life with others, who would I be? some lost soul, a wanderer? 


My dream;  Ever Ever Land Where Dreams Are Realized. this is the place where lost souls find themselves. where as a collective we create our lives worth living. Creating harmony, comfort balance,  knowing we have one another, knowing that we have others to share our stories with, the good, bad and ugly. 


Through aeons of time, humans have been contaminated and influenced by false knowledge. In order to move into higher consciousness, we must unlearn all we had been indoctrinated into, clearing and purging to make ready for our new journey.  




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