Group Hug

February 4, 2018

There's something about Trader Joe's that seems to have the people shopping there be happy. 

T.J.'s is an hour and fifteen minutes away from where I live, so its an all day adventure going there. 

With SMILE cards in hand, and my SMILE shopping bags in the trolley, there's this huge smile

on my face that stays there.  People come over to talk, that's when I ask, (while handing them

a smile card)  Please join us in 'Healing Our World One Smile at a Time.'  everyone does the

same thing,  they look at the card, then at me, sometimes they will ask; "what do I have to do?"

Smile,  that's all, sharing good feelings everywhere you go feels good,  doesn't it?  I get positive reaction.  Some will ask for their free hug,  (that realllly warms my heart.)


Handing a man a smile card,  sharing  with him that I've shared over 7000 Smiles. he was impressed.  He said,  my wife will love this,  just at that moment 'wife' appeared. I gifted her a card of her own. . . then she asked for a hug,  (yippy)  


I shared 20 cards while shopping at T.J.'s   . . .  fast forward,  we are at the check out,  the husband and wife were also checking out,  when they were finished before us, she came over and said,  "lets have a group hug."  we did,  people were smiling, happiness spread throughout the store.  


this is a PS.  I've contacted head office of Trader Joe's twice for them to carry SMILE shopping bags.

they haven't responded.  so,  in the event you know anyone that could expedite  me getting my bags 

there I will be forever grateful.  


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