Meeting Ty. . .

March 20, 2018


I love standing in line anywhere, all these wonderful  people standing close by, I get to engage

them in conversation.  Watching emotional transformation occur (for both, or all who are

witnessing this interaction.) I continue to expand within my 'being' my heart moves to, (what is coming) an expansion of consciousness. I do believe that where we all want to be is in our heart. While there, everything, anything is possible. 


 I am in line at Safeway, Cottonwood AZ. People in front of me, behind me, oh boy, rekindling

relationships, people I hadn't met yet,  very exciting.


So, Ty has a plastic spoon tucked into his baseball cap. . .  (great invitation to connect)  "great, just great, you always know where your spoon is."  "Yup," he says, "mostly I have chop sticks, today it's a spoon."


I told him my mission, healing our world one smile at a time. . . he was encouraging my efforts.


The day Ty and I met, I had counted how many SMILE cards I had on me,  31,  this is the first time I've counted how many I walked out of the house with.


I came home with 11. . .  


This is Ty, we got his permission to post his beautiful face here.

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